Petratos Group Company is outstanding in the constructions sector because:
  1. The study of the construction planning is performed by an experienced team of architects, specialized in the constructions sector, taking always into consideration the functional planning of building and minimizing the spaces of no use within the building.
  2. The construction combines perfectly the technological and mechanical equipment with the human potential and the know-how in that particular sector. All these create an excellent final result and a group of satisfied customers and householders of our constructions.
  3. It offers after sales guarantee. The guarantee is time-independent and covers the whole construction, as well as technical support.
  4. The economy that hundreds of our satisfied customers achieve becomes evident in the long term, thanks to the quality of materials used and the big range of choices during the basic phases of the construction and equipment of the buildings.
For those who look for accurate constructions, a perfect collaboration without compromises from professionals in the constructions sector, the solution is Petratos Group company.
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